Is PURTIER Placenta approved in Singapore? 
PURTIER Placenta is an approved product in Singapore. It is distributed locally in Singapore and it has to be approved by the government.

PURTIER Placenta has side effects?
The ingredients in PURTIER Placenta are naturally sourced and produced in New Zealand. It does not contain any hormones, drugs or other harmful ingredients. It is derived from everyday food nutrition.

Is PURTIER Placenta true?
Our product is derived from natural food sources which are just like our everyday food that we eat minimising chemical processing and other preservatives. Just the pure natural ingredients in each capsule.

Where is PURTIER Placenta manufactured?
It is manufactured in New Zealand.

Can I buy the product in New Zealand since it is manufactured there? 
No, it is only distributed from Singapore. 

PURTIER Placenta is a scam. I don't see effect in it. Why is it so? 
Do you know it takes 6 months for your body to renew almost 70% of the cells? You should consume at least 2 capsules daily for 6 consecutive months. As bodies differ, some see a difference at an earlier stage while some might only feel it in the later stages. It is not a miracle pill. 

PURTIER Placenta is a drug!
No, PURTIER Placenta is made out of 12 naturally derived ingredient. 

If it is not a drug, why do people claim that it has such great effects? 
As we age, our body cell quality deteriorates because of pollution, the food we eat and other factors. What we eat on a daily basis is not sufficient to fulfil for our entire body cell nutrition. Our product is targeted specifically for the cell to receive nutrition, therefore when it is healthy, the cell can regenerate new and quality cells, replacing those bad ones. That is why most people feel the effects of the product. 

What is the best time to take PURTIER Placenta?
Consuming PURTIER Placenta when you wake up in the morning on empty stomach is the best.

How many capsules should I take on a daily basis? 
Recommendation from dietary doctor is to take 4 capsules daily for the 1st month, 2 capsules daily for the subsequent months or for maintenance. If you have a certain health condition that you're looking to improve, it is recommended to take a larger dosage.